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When choosing adventures for Dot, the criteria was based on things she had enjoyed in her earlier life.
Because she grew up in the outback, it always was her choice of a destination.

Dot loved the Birdsville Races .. the roughing it, the bus trip, the camping, being out in the middle of nowhere, "laid-back" and "fun" attendees, the novelty of the races and Birdsville being so small.

Dot Simpson Desert Australia
Dot on the Bus Tour to Birdsville arriving at the Simpson Desert.
At the time she had a very sprained ankle but wasn't going to let that stop her.

Dot Betoota Hotel Remienko Windorah Birdsville
Dot at the Betoota Hotel

Simon Remienko owned the 112-year-old Betoota Hotel, the only building in town, which he managed for 44 years
before shutting up shop in 1997.

Tthe hotel is the only structure on the 400-kilometre rough dirt road between Windorah and Birdsville in western Queensland. The closure of the hotel and its petrol bowser means many motorists have to carry extra fuel.

Dot Birdsville Hotel Races South Australia outback

Enjoying a cold drink at the Birdsville Hotel .. and in anticipation of the Birdsville Races.

Birdsville Races Dot camping tents McCafferty's
The luxury of camping at Birdsville for the Races

dot duck eyes umbrella Birdsville

Why a picture of an oversized cartoon umbrella ?

Dot took this umbrella on one of her trips to Birdsville
(would provide a lot of shade in the outback heat)
and she delighted in telling many people when she came back that tourists from Japan
asked if they could take a photo of her with it.
So somewhere in Japan, someone has a photo of Dot with this umbrella
way out in the outback at Birdsville.
And also Dot had a lot of fun with it.