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Dot Fishing Woody Point Jetty Dot fishing Woody Point Jetty

One of the first adventures I took Dot on was to "Underwater World" because she used to be a great fisherwoman & I joked that she would see all the ones "that got away".

Dot Seaworld Underwater Aquarium Gold Coast

Dot grew up in Emerald, Central Qld, Australia and one of the recreational past-times was going to the local river - "Nogoa".

The river was the place to go to cool off, to swim, to socialise but most of all to fish. The predominant catch was yellow-bellies. Dot was an adept fisherwoman and as with all of her other subsistence skills, she could catch enough to eat. Fishing is not just about catching fish .. it teaches so many other skills - patience, appreciation of nature, being in the moment, fun .. when a fish gets away, socialising with others, meditative reflection while waiting .. but it was the simple things I remembered from being around her.

"Tangled fishing lines 101" was a great subject to learn from her. We learn by watching. I never saw her become impatient with tangled lines .. I simply observed her take whatever time it took to untangle them .. she never would have considered throwing it away. The act of patiently untangling a fishing line is a metaphor for so many situations in life ..

if you never give up during the process

- you will retrieve a useable line and

- you will learn creative problem solving ..

When the final knot is undone .. the perseverance is rewarded.

Lately I have come to realise that untangling a fishing line is also a life-saving gift.
Many people leave tangled lines on the jetty or throw them in the water .. marine animals swallow them and die.

Many of the things Dot (and all those of her generation) did day-to-day are now what we call recycling, reusing and conservation. They just called it "life".

Photos above are when she lived at Margate, near Brisbane.
One of her favourite spots was the old jetty out from Woody Point. With modern development in the last few years, the old jetty has been pulled down and replaced with a new one.

The view from the jetty is always magnificent - more than 180 degrees of ocean views and there is a range of hills on the horizon.

At sunset, the area is famed for "the best sunsets in the southern hemisphere".

tangled fishing line

The life lessons of a tangled fishing line.