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John McEnroe Tennis Milton 1980 Dot

Dot grew up with tennis. Her father built a tennis court at their home in Emerald,
the surface being made from pulverised termite mound mud, then compacted.
She had the chance to play all the time with older people.
In her 20's she also had lessons with one of the top players at the time ..
although she mentioned the name many times, not positive, but think it was Ken Rosewall.

In the 1970's, in Brisbane when she worked as a telephonist with what is now known as
"Telstra", she also played in the company team of tennis players and travelled with them to
Adelaide to play interstate employees.

Her favourite phrase was that she could "hit a tennis ball onto a threepence on the other side of the net".
A threepence is a very, very small old Australian coin.

tennis ball threepence
She was also known as "one shot Dot" so she was very skilled in the game.

She went to many professional tennis matches. It was just chance that she was captured
in this newspaper photo October 1980 at the moment John McEnroe was photographed in one of
his "rare" moments of frustration.

Dot API Tennis Adelaide

Tennis silhouette