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Woody Point Hall, Qld
7 March 2009

Wolfgang Kreuzer Multicultural Party Dot

A veritable mix of many cultures in this photo ..

German ~ Dutch ~ English ~ Rumanian ~ New Zealander ~ Czech ~ Austrian ~ Scottish ~ Australian

The party was a surprise party for Wolfgang Kreuzer arranged by Marianne Prell.
The reason that there was such a wide multicultural group is that both Wolfgang and Marianne are the German presenters on

the ethnic radio station, 4EB ~ 98. 1 FM in Brisbane.

Because of their involvement with all nationalities at the radio station broadcasting in 50 languages::

Afghan Albanian Arabic Bangladeshi Bosnian Bulgarian Chinese Colombian Cook Island Croatian
Czech Dutch Fijian Filipino Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Indian Irish Italian Italian Youth Japanese Korean
Kurdish Latin-American Lithuanian Macedonian Maltese Maori Multicultural (Mixed) Nepalese Niue Pakistani Persian
Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Samoan Scottish Serbian Slovak Slovenian
Somali Spanish Sri Lankan Tamil Telugu (from Southern India) Tongan Women's profile
Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese

and their involvement with

Deutsches Theater Down Under

which is the only German language theater group in Australia.
The group began in 1987 to involve young adult German expatriates and students of German language.
Their work is sometimes heard on Radio 4EB.

It is always a suprise mix of cultures at any of their gatherings.


Monica Gilfedder Mime Marcel Marceau Multicultural


Monica Gilfedder Mime Marcel Marceau Multicultural Monica Gilfedder Mime Marcel Marceau Multicultural

Much of the entertainment was a surprise and of a phenomenal standard.
Monica Gilfedder has trained with Marcel Marceau in France and is a brilliant Mime Artist.
I had taken Dot along just to be amongst people at a party and yet seeing Monica
was probably incredible for her. With Dot's loss of speech and communication, she reads faces and responds in her facial gestures. Monica's performance is all just facial expressions so it was as if she was "talking" to Dot the whole time.

Rainer Harald guitarist German Multicultural party
Rainer Harald ~ Guitarist and Singer

Rainer Harald Guitarist Peter Tennyson Dot Multicultural Party German
Rainer Harald Guitarist in background
Peter Tennyson photographing Dot

The guitarist held everyone's attention and had he had a CD of his music would have bought it then and there.

Wolfgang Kreuzer Marianne Prell Stefan Lehmann concert pianist Multicultural German
Wolfgang Kreuzer (his surprise birthday), Marianne Prell and Stefan Lehmann

When the party was winding down at the end of the evening, one of the guests, Stefan Lehmann, a concert pianist, simply played the piano in the background.

Just a beautiful way to spend an evening and also a way to experience other's multicultural views and culture.
The food, technically from all around the world, was fabulous.

Helen Dot Multicultural Party
Helen from Holland (right)

There is only beauty in the interactions of the people Dot meets. This lady was from Holland and you can tell by
Dot's reciprocal smile that she is connected to the person when she is listening to them.

Dot Sylvia Multicultural
Annemarie from Germany (left)