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Lawnton, Brisbane

August 2008

Clown Pine Rivers Show 2008

Dot grew up in the small town of Emerald so I took her to the smaller Pine Rivers Show at Lawnton in Brisbane
rather than the main Ekka to re-create the small country fairs she used to know.

Crocodile Sideshow Alley Pine Rivers Show 20008 Dot Farm Animals Pine Rivers Show 2008
Took the crocodile shot simply because it was so unusual.
In the second photo, Dot was at the farm animals pen as she had animals around her all her life.

Horses Pine Rivers Show 2008 Kites Pine Rivers Show Aug 2008

Laughing Clowns sideshow alley Pine Rivers Show 2008

Dots hands were clenched in one position for most of two years. She had a couple of fingers free so I would put
the ping pong ball in those for her to try the Laughing Clowns in any Sideshow Alley I took her to. This one was
at the Pine Rivers Show. Her score won her the little white dog.

Dot Ferris Wheel Pine Show Lawnton 2008 Dot Ferris Wheel arena Pine Rivers Show

This Ferris Wheel episode started a wonderful tradition for her and I. I had taken a photo on the ground of her in front of the Ferris Wheel. After I took the photo, I realised how static an activity that was! Just sitting in front of a Ferris Wheel - no excitement or adventure in that. Why couldn't she go on it .. wheeled her up to the cages and a couple of fellows helped
her in. Without thinking, I plonked myself down next to her.
Then the Ferris Wheel started off .. and I burst into fits of laughter .. I didn't go on Ferris Wheels !!
and yet here was I heading up into the sky .. I couldn't stop laughing and cracking jokes about how I didn't go on
Ferris Wheels and used the line "This is another fine mess you got me into Ollie ! " from Abbott & Costello.
That cracked me up more and Dot was laughing at my antics.
That was the first time I had gone on a Ferris Wheel in decades so thereafter I'd take her on others but always launch into
the Abbott & Costello routine.
Afterwards I was thinking about my younger years and I couldn't remember seeing her ever get on a Ferris Wheel so
I don't know whether she ever had or whether it was just 50 or years ago.
We both had a ball.

Dot Ferris Wheel Pine Rivers ShowDot Ferris Wheel

Dot Ferris Wheel sideshow Pine Rivers Show 2008

Dot Ferris Wheel Pine Rivers show 2008

I'd become accustomed to being on the Ferris Wheel by this time but Dot was still smiling.

Aerial photo from Ferris Wheel Pine rivers Show 2008

The view from the Ferris Wheel

Just another fun aged care experience !

Entrance Pine Rivers show 2008

The entrance to the Pine Rivers Show at Lawnton, 2008
Dot is where the stars are.

Aged Care Really Can Be Fun