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Bedroom with Pizzaz

Dots Room Flowers Angels Computer pictures colour

This was Dot's bedroom for the last eight months of her life .. for the times when she was in bed,
seemed far more uplifting to fill the room with fun things to look at.

  • The scarecrow had been a birthday gift I'd given her in the past because of her rural roots .. It also had a coin around its neck for the year she was born - 1933;
  • fresh flowers often because when a person passes away hundreds of dollars are spent on flowers which the person never sees .. so in their lifetime why not give them flowers that they could enjoy while they are here;
  • a black and white photo of a few small children sitting in a field with a teddy bear (reminisces of youth);
  • a Dolphin Water Feature which lit up and cascaded gentle smoking mist .. fascinating to watch;
  • an angel with the word "Believe";
  • a card with an inspirational quote about the "strength that lies within";
  • fragranced candles;
  • a family tree picture page of her ancestors and descendants;
  • a computer to show her slideshows of all the photos of her adventures as well as many, many You Tube / My Space video clips which are listed separately on the "Stories" page;
  • the big screen TV was so that she could get the most out of documentaries to do with travel to places she wouldn't get to see or for watching extravaganza concerts like Andre Rieu. During winter, outings weren't as frequent so she was at home more and watched many funny, uplifting, musical, travel DVD's.
  • True to doing things differently, even watched many European videos of singers and entertainers. Could never get enough of the yodelling or the incredible scenery. Listening to another language as well .. why not?

    Towards the end she had a hospital bed supplied which raised and lowered as well as lifting the head end.

    Dots Room mobiles King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Party Lights Dolphin Water Feature

  • There were also coloured party lights;
  • fibre optic angel;
  • balloons and streamers;
  • mobiles;
  • a scarecrow farmyard montage;
  • a view out the window of a forested creek and other flowering trees.
    Not long before she passed away, had several broken nights sleep with an unknown noise.
    Finally identified it as a Tawny Frogmouth Owl which had moved into the large tree beyond the windows.
    Growing up, Dot often repeated the saying:

"The wise old owl sat in an oak ..
The more he heard, the less he spoke ..
The less he spoke, the more he heard ..
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird"

Ironic that at the end of her life, she was unable to speak .. but perhaps heard more ..
and that an owl would move in to the yard.

Dots Room Tropical Fish Quilt colours balloons

Dot had been a keen fisherwoman all her life and the plastic over the window with streamers
and the bright, tropical quilt hanging near her bed was a way of incorporating this element.

Dots Sewing Memory Board Tailoring Smocking

A few years earlier, had made this for Dot to just look at.
The first job she had as a teenager was as an apprentice dressmaker and over the years,
she made many, many outfits for both herself and seven children.
She also had used the treadle sewing machine seen in the montage as well as having done smocking.