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13 July 2008

4WD coloured sands Rainbow Beach Dot coloured sands american tourist
This adventure came about because the previous day, Dot had been, in costume, to the Medieval Fair at Caboolture. From there, it was not so far to go to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We stopped there and late in the afternoon managed to fit in a manicure for her. What was so unusual was that she was still in medieval costume and getting out at an ordinary shopping centre. Made all of us smile.

The next day had arranged another experience that Dot had never had in her life - 4 Wheel Driving. Sure she had driven in the country many times in her youth and been bogged driving an ordinary car in places where a 4WD would have had no trouble, but this was a chance to experience all that a 4WD is capable of and to see places she had never been. In just planning that one trip, there are so many other things to see - all the things on the Sunshine Coast, the car ferry across the creek, the unexpected rain .. it all adds to the sensations seen and felt.

In the photos above, Dot was at the coloured sands .. that was a first for her and also for the group of American tourists who were travelling with us. It showed that we don't appreciate what's in our backyard .. these American tourists had come to Australia for a brief seminar and yet had driven specifically to the Sunshine Coast on their one day off to experience the 4WD to Rainbow Beach. In the photo on the right, we all had a laugh at the footwear one of them had chosen to wear given that the trip was to the beach!

4WD Dot Rainbow Beach

There was an expression of total surprise on Dot's face when the 4WD first drove on to the sand and she was driving close to the water .. it was a look of disbelief. From the beaches, we drove through forests and rough roads coming out at Double Island Point .. it was still lightly raining but that is simply a different way to experience the place. Things she saw along the way such as people camping, left-over sandcastles, heavy clouds, other 4WD's, people fishing and kilometres of white sands are all images that are different to the ordinary day. Although she has the disability of not being able to walk far, sitting in the car, she still was able to see it all.

car ferry sunshine coast motorbike and surfboard in rain

Travelling by car ferry is not something she would have done often so that's another experience .. and there are things to surprise that can't be planned. Such was the amazement at seeing the above fellow in the rain, in a wet suit, on a motor bike, with his surfboard at the side. They are the unexpected moments that bring you completely into "the moment".