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June 4, 2009

Dot Art Gallery Brisbane fountain water Dot Art Gallery Children lower floor William Dobell exhibit

In the 11 years since Dot's brain tumour, she would never had seen the Brisbane Art Gallery and Museum.
Decades ago, she may have been to the Old Museum near the Brisbane Exhibition but this would have been a first for her.
There is so much to see just driving to the Art Gallery, through the city, over the river with all the City Cats and boats,
the Southbank Wheel .. things we take for granted but which for many elderley people who aren't able to get out and about,
it is all a new experience.

The environment of the Art Gallery is relaxing and soothing with the open spaces and the sight and sounds of the water features.
Dot had a lifelong ability to relate to children and she loved watching the children studying the paintings. To the right of the children was a painting by William Dobell (1899 - 1970) "The Cypriot".

Dot Brisbane Art Gallery William Dobell Cypriot

Took this photo to show William Dobell's "The Cypriot" - portrait of Aegus Gabrielides painted 1940.
. The added interest was the reflection of the artworks in the water.

Dot Brisbane Art Gallery Vida Lahey Monday Morning

Dot studied this picture for awhile - it is reminiscent of how both her and her mother would have done the laundry - tubs, bar of soap and a stick to lift the washing. The artist is Vida Lahey 1882 - 1968. The painting is " Monday Morning " painted in 1912. Looking at the painting, we are reminded how many advances there have been in making housework easier. Many changes have taken place in the laundry from the wringer washing machines, twin tubs, top loaders .. all of which Dot owned .. and now those appliances are replaced by the front loader.

Dot Brisbane Art Gallery sculpture

In such an environment as the wide open spaces of the Art Gallery, even a geometric sculpture is interesting.

Dot Brisbane Art Gallery fountains

Water fountains sometimes can be taken for granted and yet to take the time and just watch the patterns and cascades of water while listening to the relaxing sounds is refreshing. With the water restrictions, it is a luxury to be able to enjoy.

Dot Art Gallery Brisbane bust

Because Dot has no verbal communication, she is more acutely aware of facial expressions. She reads faces instantly. She would have studied the busts from that point of view.

Dot Brisbane Art Gallery wood carving L J Harvey

The Exhibition in the Art Gallery at the time was of the work of L J Harvey - a master wood carver - who used Queensland Beech timber. The intricacies of carving, attention to detail and design are breathtaking. Took this photo of Dot studying the carving because her face was reflected in the mirror.

Dot Art Gallery LJ Harvey Bed of Peace wood

A bedroom suite has universal appeal and this display was exceptional. Again the wood carver was LJ Harvey and it was a suite he designed for his daughter's 21st birthday present "Bed of Peace" in 1919.

Dot Museum Brisbane animal sizes display

The Museum had a display of many species of animals ranging from the smallest to the largest in order. As Dot had always been a keen fisherwoman, thought the Marlin would be of interest. In her fishing days, her catch used to be Yellow Belly's in the Nogoa River, Emerald - nowhere near the size of a game fish. She also had an extraordinary connection to all animals so this showcased them all.

Dot Brisbane Museum dinosaur skeleton

The Dinosaur skeleton in the Museum captures everyone's interest, both for its size and the chance to imagine what the world was like when they roamed. Their sheer size fascinates.

Dot Brisbane Museum Humpback Whales

The Humpback Whale models outside the Museum are an invaluable way of seeing the creatures from all sides .. there is time to study their size in relation to ours and to hear their call. Dot once went on a whale spotting excursion and came back with photos of small black areas .. nothing that looked remotely like a whale. This gave her a chance to see them closeup.

Dot Art Gallery Brisbane

Dot in a reflective moment studying sculpture in the Art Gallery.