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Wayne Scott Kermond
31 January 2009

Dot Candyman Wayne Scott Kermond Sammy Davis Jnr Brisbane

photos on page supplied & used with permission of Katie Kermond

CandyMan Wayne Scott Kermond Candyman Wayne Scott Kermond

Words absolutely fail to convey the energy, brilliance, memories, skill, fun, laughs, emotions, awe of every minute of "CandyMan" which Dot enjoyed.

The promotional ad says
" Award–winning multi talented Wayne Scott Kermond, takes the audience on a
journey celebrating the ultimate Song & Dance Man, Sammy Davis Jr.
A sensational Big Band and Cast of Australia’s best Musical Theatre Dancers
join Wayne in capturing the inspiration and feel-good essence that is
synonymous with Song & Dance.

CANDY MAN has toured nationally receiving standing ovations and rave reviews
at every performance. A show for all ages, it’s pure Entertainment!

Candyman Wayne Scott Kermond

For Dot, it was so, so much more ..

Dot was the one who exposed me to the music of Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and that whole genre of musicals, song & dance and humour. It was music that touched her.

The musical "Singing in the Rain" with Gene Kelly, Deborah Kerr & Donald O'Connor was one we never tired of watching .. the style and grace of Gene Kelly & the free-spirited, entertaining, energetic, "kill yourself laughing while watching" Donald O'Connor in "Make 'Em Laugh".

Wayne does a brillilantly perfect imitation of Donald O'Connor's "Make 'Em Laugh" in "Candyman" and even if you've seen the routine 50 times, it will still make you laugh. The routine is so incredibly energetic, it's almost like running a marathon and yet that is just ONE of the routines he does with the same energy during the whole show.

At the time of seeing the show, Dot was in a wheelchair, weighed less than 38kg, couldn't speak, understand instructions, walk more than a few steps or do anything for herself. So why take her anywhere? And why did I make music such a huge part of the end of her life?

Because music touches the soul .. it bypasses language .. it is felt.
Dance involves incredible movement, energy and colour .. it is a sensory experience. Dot's awareness of the world was totally different to our numbed acceptance of all that is around us. She was aware of a different level of life.

She understood the music, the dance, the laughs, the facial expressions .. she smiled, she laughed and even tapped her fingers during some numbers (even though her hands were clenched).

Candyman Wayne Scott kermond

I will never forget one indelible moment .. if Dot had no awareness .. how would you explain ..

In the number "Rhythm of Life" the beautiful female dancers at one point crawl across the stage on their hands and knees.
They are wearing micro short dresses .. I turned around to see Dot with a smile on her face mockingly "tut-tutting" because she could see their underwear ! You can see the sequence performed on Kerri Anne's "Mornings" Show at:

but for an idea of the fun and brilliance of the whole show Dot actually saw that afternoon ..
Imagine what it would be like for her to see all this in front of her as opposed to being at home looking at four walls.
(keep watching to the end)

And Dot's favourite for fun :
(the sound is a bit awkward at the start and recorded elsewhere
but worth watching the whole sequence to wonder how Wayne
has any energy left to do the rest of the show. It also makes you forget about any worries you may have
and feel totally joyful.
"Make 'Em Laugh"

The clip below has excerpts from Wayne's other show "Singin' in the Rain".
~ starring Todd McKenney, Rachael Beck and Wayne Scott Kermond
Directed and Choreographed by David Atkins ~

In it, he discusses his early years and has excerpts from the show.
He credits his mother with the love of dance and his father with slapstick humour.
They gave him a powerful legacy.

At the end of this clip, David Atkins relates the fact that
Wayne's father kept ringing his son to say how proud he was of him.
If you could have seen the smiles & joy on Dot's face every minute during "The CandyMan",
Wayne's father has every right to be proud of what his son is doing !

"Singin' in the Rain"

Candyman Wayne Scott Kermond

Wayne's rendition in "CandyMan" of Sammy Davis Jnr's classic song
"Mr Bojangles" was breathtaking

The photo at the top of the page was taken at the end of the show.
People behind the camera were smiling and laughing and trying to get Dot to look at the camera.
The photo captured the spontaneous moment of her laughing at our antics ..

We also spent time talking to Wayne's beautiful wife, Katie.

So many of the ushers, security guards & parking attendants made Dot's afternoon wonderful..

We came away with a heartful of memories.

For further info, Wayne's website: