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Free Lunchtime Concert
Main Auditorium, City Hall, Brisbane
7 April 2009

Dot Brisbane City Hall Free Lunchtime Concert Main Auditorium

The Brisbane City Council has many, many programmes to involve the community.
One such activity is the Free Lunchtime Concert programmes in the ornate Main Auditorium, City Hall
Once a week, jazz, classical or international performers perform during lunch hour for free in this beautiful auditorium.
The shows are free to anyone who wants to attend regardless of age or disability.
Dot was in a wheelchair but both access and seating were wonderful. Staff always do whatever they can to help.
This particular free lunchtime concert was the Caxton Street Jazz Band and they certainly livened up lunch hour!
The uptempo music and acoustics in the auditorium were brilliant. It is a privilege to attend the concerts.

Dot Brisbane City Hall Free lunchtime concert pipe Organ Main Auditorium

It could never be said enough that going on any outing is not just about the particular event. It is the hundreds of other things you see just going to the venue. It is an experience to just look around at the ornate decorations in the auditorium, look up at the high domed roof, see the magnificent pipe organ from the 1890's, the stage lighting and even seeing people in the audience or setting up on stage. It is all part of the experience. At home, there are only four walls to look at .. but to go to any event is a whole world of experiences. The City Council has provided such a phenomenal programme to enable all to access first-class entertainment for free .. it is definitely worth supporting and experiencing.

Years ago I saw James Morrison perform in this Auditorium and to this day is still an incredible memory.

Dot Brisbane City Hall Free lunchtime concert pipe organ Main Auditorium

The stage lighting on the 1890's Pipe Organ in the Main Auditorium.

Dot Caxton St Jazz Band Free Lunchtime Concert Brisbane City Hall Main Auditorium

The Caxton Street Jazz Band making lunchtime an absolute fun time. They have been playing as a band for over 30 years and are well known around Brisbane. Their music is totally energizing and has everyone tapping their fingers along with the rhythm.
There is a choice at lunchtime to either join the crowds in a mad rush or to sit back and be totally entertained, relaxed & re-energized with outstanding quality music in a beautiful environment. Many times Dot would look across at me with a huge smile on her face .. some of the songs she would have known, others were just so upbeat, it made everyone feel great.

Examples of their music and to learn more about them:

Dot Caxton St Jazz Band Free Lunchtime Concert Brisbane City Hall

These two photos were taken at the end of the show. Dot was engaged in simply watching the interactions of those on stage with the people who went up to buy CD's. We take such activities for granted but for the elderly who are often in homes, they don't get the chance to see the normal flow of life or to observe different people doing different things. It is something so simple yet often so overlooked.

Because the function was held in the centre of the city, the concert was just one of the things to do .. in another room of the City Hall was a top-class display of wood carving .. along the way saw all the highly decorative architectural features in the corridors of City Hall .. took Dot to see window displays in the shops, people just going about their lunchtime routines, to have an Asian meal, to have a haircut, see a display of hats ..

Dot Caxton Street Jazz Band Free Lunchtime concert Brisbane City Hall disability

For a comprehensive list of events organised by the Brisbane City Council :

There is so much to enjoy .. and it's mostly for free ..