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Brisbane River
New Farm to Southbank & Brisbane CBD
13 Feb 2008

Dot Brisbane City Cat New Farm Terminal

Dot had never been on a City Cat and even though it is a common sight to most of us. She always spoke of her love of the water and boats so going up the Brisbane River on a sleek City Cat combined so many levels of interest. Chose to leave from the New Farm City Cat Terminal because it is at the lower end of New Farm Park with all it's rose gardens, arbours and arching Jacaranda Trees. It is relaxing as well just sitting by the Brisbane River waiting for the City Cat.

Brisbane City Cat New Farm terminal

The New Farm City Cat Terminal.

Brisbane City Cat

The sleek Brisbane "City Cat'" .. a wonderful alternative to being in traffic ..
gliding along the Brisbane River.

Dot City Cat Storey Bridge skyline

Dot had the experience of the boat trip, watching young children playing on the outside deck, seeing the city skyline,
watching the patterns in the water and passing under the Story Bridge just behind her in the photo

Dot Story Bridge skyline

With Dot's disabilities in terms of walking, she could never have undertaken the attraction of seeing Brisband from the top of the Story Bridge as many have done. So her view of the Bridge was only from the water. For those who are able, climbing the Story Bridge is both a great activity and the reward is seeing Brisbane from a high perspective.

Dot Brisbane CBD skyline

Looking back at these photos now .. it is with the realisation that on that one day, she did what residents would regard as
an ordinary activity .. going on the City Cat up the Brisbane River .. and yet how many of us, put it off thinking that we'll do it "one day" .. this is the only day in a decade that Dot was able to see this view of Brisbane .. that makes it a priceless memory.

Dot City Cat Brisbane River Riverside area

The view around the Riverside area - Eagle Street - lower end of the CBD. There are wonderful venues to have a meal and enjoy the view of the river or simply walk along the area .. see the details in the ordinary.

Dot City Cat Brisbane River Botanic Gardens Houseboats

These houseboats are moored beside the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. A brilliant lifestyle being on the water and so close to the CBD. We stayed on the City Cat and went around the bend in the river, under the Captain Cook Bridge, past the Maritime Museum, QUT, Riverside Expressway and the CBD skyline .. we left the Cat at Southbank and then explored all the sights that are Southbank.

Dot City Cat

Dot on the one day in her life she went on a City Cat ..