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"Gospel According to Elvis" Concert
Andy Seymour and Trace Canini
QUT Gardens Theatre, Brisbane
29 April 2008

Elvis Gospel Andy Seymour QUT Theatre Brisbane Dot Elvis Gospel Andy Seymour QUT Theatre Brisbane Dot
Andy Seymour - lead singer as "Elvis" and Trace Canini featured female vocalist in show

Dot grew up with church music and sing-a-longs with her musical family in her youth. She played piano for many decades and had sing-a-longs around her piano for decades. Photos were taken after the show. Andy has a close association with many disabled children and he had a deep warmth and sincerity interacting with Dot. He knelt down to be at her height in the wheelchair and insisted on holding her hand even though it is always permanently clenched. His sincerity, warmth & fun are unforgettable. Dot's smile was priceless in capturing the fun of the moment.

Trace instantly connected with Dot and after talking and having her photo taken, pushed Dot's wheelchair out to the car to help put her in her seat. There was a lot of laughter over different topics and Trace stayed in contact with Dot from that day. Her story at the end of this page.

A few months prior to this concert, had taken Dot on a car trip to Central Qld for a funeral and only had a couple of CD's in the car for when there was no radio reception. One of those CD's was Elvis's Gospel tracks of "He Touched Me" .. Elvis singing 29 gospel songs.
We played the CD so many times on the long trip with my singing along loudly and terribly out of tune. Dot was smiling at my antics
the same as she is smiling in the first photo. At the relative's funeral, also played Elvis singing "How Great Thou Art" while driving in the procession to the cemetery.

Back in Brisbane a few months later saw a flyer for "The Gospel According to Elvis" in the local library. Wasn't quite sure what the show would be about but any of Elvis's music is uplifting so booked to go. We had parking problems and arrived a little late. Only found out after the show that Trace, the backup singer had delayed the start when she knew a lady in a wheelchair was running late.

The show was phenomenall .. and more so because it recreated all the songs we had listened to on our road trip .. amazing coincidence.. Dot's face came to life and she'd look across and smile. Gospel music is inherently uplifting and Andy's voice made it even more so.

A quote from ICMI Speakers and Entertainers:

"Without doubt, Andy Seymour’s voice leaves an indelible impression on all who hear it. He has the ability to transform even mediocre material into a compelling tale from the heart. He draws you in, and holds no fear of inviting you to get to know him.
He doesn’t sing to the audience, he sings to you

That sums it up perfectly. Andy grew up with Pentecostal music and he has the authenticity to create the emotional response to gospel music.

The reviewer, Stephen Davenport wrote:

" There's spine-tingling, hair-raising and tear inducing moments as he seamlessly captures the soul, warmth, passion and spirituality in Elvis' Grammy award winning musical legacy. It's a fitting testament to an under-appreciated aspect of The King's music.
Glory glory hallelujah, when Seymour sings Peace in the Valley, You'll never walk alone, How Great Thou Art and American Trilogy he keeps the truth marching on. Inspirational and respectful,The Gospel According To Elvis is a unique documentary combining Seymour's brilliantly sincere performance with a superb collection of soul-stirring songs. Rejoice! Elvis' gospel is riveting, enthralling and uplifting. For one night only Elvis's spirit is back in the building. And Andy Seymour deserves his standing ovation. Irresistible! "

The clip below shows one of the opening numbers from "The Gospel According to Elvis" ..
upbeat and music to tap along to. Felt totally inspired and energized listening to the music.
Andy is the lead singer; Trace the backing female vocalist.

Andy Seymour lives in the USA but came to Australia to perform the show in many cities. He is passionate about Elvis's music, drumming and loves rockabilly and croon music just as much. His other credits:

♦ Carols By Candlelight Adelaidefor 15 years .. benefitting Novita Children’s Services
Features a 32-piece orchestra and a 50 voice choir and perform to a 30,000 strong audience.
♦ Australia Post utilized his talents to promote their national Olympic stamp launch.
♦ Guest artist for HRH Prince Edward’s Royal command performance.
♦ A triumphant season in the famed NEW YORK JAZZ BAR, Tokyo to rave reviews
♦ Performances in the U.S.A. including Las Vegas, Nashville, Madison & LaCrosse
♦ He recently completed a 6-part lifestyle show for the Nine Network as a singing Chef!

To view clips of the songs Dot saw at "The Gospel According to Elvis", click on link below titled "Clip 1":
The clip wasn't filmed at the performance but covers the songs heard:

~ Clip 1 ~

Trace Canini Gospel Elvis Andy Seymour QUT Theatre Brisbane Belvedere Hotel Woody Point Best Sunset How Great Thou Art Dot
Dot with Trace Canini

The photo of Trace and Dot was taken after the show when Trace had pushed Dot's wheelchair out to the car.

Trace was the backup female vocalist in "The Gospel According to Elvis" but performed solo as well.
Her first number "Wade in the Water" was powerfully moving and memorable..
Trace is an entertainer in her own right and performs in Adelaide with her group "The Smooth Meltdown".
Some of her performances:

World Premiere Adelaide Symphony Orchestra of
"Gospel Messiah" with James Morrison, Paulini & Doug Parkinson
Guest singer - Harlem Gospel Choir
State Dinner Guest with David Campbell & Glenn Shorrock
St John Black & White Ball (Dot attended)
Carols by Candlelight .. Adelaide
A Night with Trace & Friends .. Promethean, Adelaide
Glenelg Jazz Festival
Guest singer Cotton Club, Harlem, New York
Late in 2009 she travelled to Paris & London to be involved in recording Reggae and
hopes to return there for future recording.

Trace and Dot shared an instantaneous bond ..
Dot was in her life for 1 1/2 yrs and yet Dot was unable to speak a single word to her.
That didn't diminish the depth of friendship.

The photo fo the right shows a sunset reflected in the car window with Dot in the passenger seat.
I had stopped the car at Woody Point on the Redcliffe Peninsula where you can see the best sunsets in the southern hemisphere and Andy's CD from the show was playing at that moment with the song "How Great Thou Art"

Trace offered her song "Wings From Heaven" to be used as the backing music for the tribute to celebrate Dot's life ..
Dot's images of her life as well as Trace singing the song "Wings From Heaven" can be seen by clicking the link below.

One of the most poignant lines in the song :

" You taught me to live each moment as if it were my last .."

That was Dot's greatest gift to many people.

and their gift to her is summed up in the line ..

" You held me up and gave me dignity .."