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Jondaryan, Queensland
29 August 2008

Dot Jondaryan wagons dot jondaryan blacksmith open fire

jondaryan pioneer kitchen old time cooking wood stove dot jondaryan pioneer kitchen home made cooking wood stove

dot jondaryan prop clothesline outhouse dot jondaryan open fire

"Jondaryan" (170 km west of Brisbane, Qld) brings the Australian pioneering experiences to life during the AnnualHeritage Festival held each year in August. It is a chance to walk back in time. In Dot's case, most of the exhibits on display were her reality as a child.

All the pictures above typified what had been familiar to her growing up in the country .. wagons, blacksmithing (her father and brothers), the old clothes prop line (washing was done in copper boilers when she was a child and the clothesline propped up with a stick was the latest technology for drying clothes!). In the same picture at the back is the memorable outhouse (toilet in the backyard) .. How many stories could people tell about having to find their way to them in the dark and then fend off all the wild feral spiders, snakes, frogs etc ... and it didn't even have a flush button .. come to think of it, no toilet paper either! Just newspapers or apple wrappers!

. The photo to the right above seems like a simple thing .. just an open fire .. but Dot would have grown up with the males in her family chopping wood for their woods stove and on many occasions, fires were lit in the open - i.e. to burn off grass or rubbish .. On Guy Fawkes night when she used to have a huge bonfire on the flat flood plain behind her house in Emerald. Just watching the flames flicker and feeling the warmth is a trip down memory lane.

Hundreds of volunteers come with their collections of vintage machinery and equipment, working animals and arts and crafts to Australia’s oldest working woolshed.

Jondaryan showcases the skills of yesteryear like whip-making and cracking, blacksmithing, spinning and weaving, wood-stove cooking and horse-drawn ploughing. Queensland’s best shearers demonstrate shearing & wool baling in the old slab walls. Sheep dogs and farm dogs are put to the test in trials, and swaggies and bush characters entertain.

dot jondaryan verandah twin seat dot jondaryan fj holden sedan wheelchair
Australian past-time to while away the hours on a verandah... Dot with old FJ Holden, the type she used to have.

dot jondaryan colonial house verandahs wheelchair dot jondaryan cottage garden wheelchair

jondaryan shearing sheep wool jondaryan baling wool
Sheep shearing and baling the wool in the Jondaryan shearing sheds.

dot jondaryan crafts crochet icecreams
When we look in a mirror, we know what who and what we see.
I wondered what Dot saw when she looked at her own reflection.
We'd gone to this section because of her love of crafts. The sundaes are crocheted.

dot jondaryan parade tractor jondaryan parade early ute
The Jondaryan Heritage Festival always has a parade of vintage, antique and farm machinery.
Some of those vehicles are shown here. It wasn't just the visual experience for Dot .. all the steam engines,
clanking machinery and sounds were an auditory experience and added to the atmosphere. Seeing the children
and animals pulling vehicles always attracted her attention. Many people came up to talk to her which always brightened her day.

jondaryan rusting vehicle hauling logs jondaryan parade kerosene tractor

jondaryan parade steam vehicle jondaryan parade model T ford

jondaryan parade steam tractor jondaryan parade ute

jondaryan cattle jondaryan cattle hauling wool
And before machinery, there was animal power ..

dot jondaryan kia going home jondaryan sunset dot looking to light
Going home .. had stopped because the sunset was so beautiful .. Dot in the passenger seat ..
took the photo of her looking at the sunset because we take such things for granted but it is inspirational.

jondaryan sunset over field patterns