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- Les Miserables ("Les Mis") -
Ignations Musical Society
Schonell Theatre, St. Lucia, Qld

Les Mis Ignations Jean Valjean Schonell TheatreLes Miserables poster Ignations Schonell Les Mis Schonell Theatre Usher
Jean Valjean lead performer and one of the Front of House staff, Lyn
who helped enormously with Dot's disability needs.

The sensory experience of being in a small theatre; phenomenal singing, staging, special effects and seeing the nuances of all aspects of the human condition portrayed - sorrow, regret, joy, inspiration, rebellion, love, death - are emotions that anyone can sense whether their abilities are "normal" or whether they have disabilities. The inspiration of the Jean Valjean character, poignancy of songs about the heart, the charm and cheekiness of children performers, the comedy of the "Master and Mistress of the house" .. Dot recognises in her own way.

The passion and perfection of the performers meant that for a few hours we lived all the emotions of that turbulent time in France's history.
Dot only has one life .. and perhaps not that long to live .. and that night could have been spent in her same old room watching TV or coming alive with the experience of seeing such a wonderful live musical. She smiled many times that night.

Opening Night Les Miserables Ignations Schonell
Opening Night party after performance of Les Mis by Ignations Musical Society
Dot at left of photo