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IRISH Gospel singer
and solo performances

April 2009

Mary Duff Irish Gospel Kedron Wavell Mary Duff Irish Gospel Kedron Wavell

One night picked a random DVD for Dot to watch - it happened to be Daniel O'Donnell.
Dot was laughing because I was singing, dancing and clapping around the room along during one segment with a guest lady singer, Mary Duff. Didn't know much about her but she was singing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken". It was such an uplifting tempo, had the thought to take Dot to another live concert. While Mary was on the TV screeen in the bedroom, had a totally random thought "Kedron Wavell". Wondered where the thought came from as I hadn't been to a concert there before. It was an RSL club only a couple of suburbs away.

The computer was next to the TV screeen so while Mary was singing, typed in the search "Kedron Wavell" to see if there was any good live shows coming up. To this day, I will never forget the totally perplexing moment of seeing Mary Duff come up on the Kedron Wavell RSL page. In that moment, wondered whether I was looking at the DVD screen but no, with the greatest synchronicity and a totally random thought, I was on a web page saying that Mary Duff, who lives in Ireland, just happened to be performing in a club a couple of suburbs away from us that weekend.

That is simply pure magic!! Didn't hesitate to book a seat and the concert was spine-tinglingly brilliant. The variety of music, the quality of her voice, the interaction with the audience, the similarity of the music that Dot knew in her lifetime .. the words "totally memorable", "magic", "synchronistic" pale when compared to the odds of a zillion to one that I would have found the concert at the same time I was watching her perform on a DVD.

Dot had grown up with church music and gospel singing as had I and there is no better way to lift the spirits than to listen to it.
When we were driving in the car on road trips, music was always part of it .. had music from many different genres to suit the mood. Would listen to Mary Duff during reflective times .. such as driving at the time of beautiful sunsets .


1. Voice of an Angel
2. Be Still
3. Panis Angelicus
4. Ag criost an siol
5. There is a Place
6. Nearer My God to Thee
7. Ave Maria
8. If I Can Help Someone
9. Amazing Grace
10. O Holy Night
11. Let There Be Peace on Earth
12. How Great Thou Art
13. Goin Gome

Whatever function or attraction Dot was attending .. it wasn't just about the main performance. For a lady in her condition to even be at a venue is a world of experiences in itself. For those in nursing homes, they only ever see four walls and unwell people. In Dot's case, she would always get to experience the normal flow of life just as we do. Just to watch people going about their normal business is fascinating compared to having no stimulation. There is life; there is activity; there are things to see; decorations to enjoy; the sound of people talking; watching children. The added benefit to any outing is the number of strangers you meet .. talking to people you've never met before.

Only I will know the beautiful reactions she had to each song .. sometimes wistful, sometimes laughing, sometimes moving her fingers as best she could in time with the rhythm. Afterwards waited for a photo with Mary to remember the afternoon. While doing that we talked to some of her staff and so gain more insights into "strangers" lives. They travel the world, have different accents .. it is all just a total sensory experience when you are aware of small details.