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RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane
28 June 2009

Dot Mind Body Spirit Festival Attitude Goddess White Eagle Lodge

Had taken Dot to this Festival because of all the stalls dealing with "positives" and being among people who celebrated life.
We were there on the last day late in the afternoon, listened to a talk by Jason McDonald, psychic; watched high energy dancers; listened to a "past lives" talk; looked at all the beautifully decorated stalls and talked to several strangers.

As the Festival was closing, we were walking down one aisle where these women were having their photo taken.
They had such an uplifting and positive atmosphere around them, I asked if Dot could have her photo taken with them.
They even provided her with a hat for the photo.
The group was "Women With Attitude" and given Dot's history, she certainly fitted into that category.
Lea Gay, the lady on Dot's right shoulder is the organizer of the group.
Her group's motto is "Be Inspired To Live Your Wildest Dreams" .. Dot certainly had done that.
Their organisastion aspires to teach women to empower themselves with coaching, mentoring, events,
Attitude Adventures, Wildest Dreams Workshops, Dream Team Coaching.
It was uplifting to be around such positive energy.

Dot Mind Body Spirit Festival Attitude Goddess White Eagle Lodge ii

After Dot and I had walked away, Lea came up to talk to us and soon after another lady, Jenny from
The White Eagle Lodge joined us .. she wanted to give Dot a packet of beautiful Angel cards. She hadn't even
been at the stall where we were. Those were the magic moments with Dot.

Dot Aura Feb 2009

This Aura photo had been taken earlier in the year when taking Dot to see the Byron Bay lighthouse.
I had walked her around the main shops in Byron Bay just to see the window displays, the people in the
streets and to be a part of the ordinary flow of life. Had Dot's aura photo taken at:

Crystal Living
2 / 18 Jonson Street


- left side :  (pertains to future)

Spiritual evolution is in store for you.
Violet is a mix of blue (unlimited knowledge) and red (activity).
Therefore spiritual activity will be in your aura.
Violet brings unlimited knowledge.
You will encounter the rays of guide energies.
The highest vibrational frequencies will be distributed to you.

- centre above head :    (pertains to experience)

Mystical unifying would best describe you.
Violet is a high degree of sensitive intimacy.leading to complete fusion between subject & object
so that everything that is thought and desired must become reality.
Enchantment, charm, sensitivity, and deep spiritual understanding are the qualities most important to you.

- right side :  (pertains to expression)

People see you as magical. You put out the highest vibrational fequency.
What you want comes as if by magic. You seem to get everything you need.

The pink over our hands is for nurturing, caring. 

green wave

What I found time and time again with Dot was that she had a "magnetic" effect on most people.
They would be drawn to her to either just touch her arm or speak to her, even though she couldn't respond.
Her smile and twinkling eyes captivated people and left them feeling wonderful.

With the term, "Mind, Body, Spirit", more often that not we tend to deal with people as
"Mind-Body" interactions, rarely on a "Spirit" level. Dot no longer had a normal functioning Mind or Body ..
but she had a phenomenal SPIRIT.

green wave

One time I had taken her for a morning meditation session at Brahma Kumaris in Milton, Brisbane.
It is a refreshing and uplifting way to spend a Saturday morning rather than caught up in the traffic and shopping
rush. Dot shared the morning with caring people and also listening to the relaxation music and meditations.
In a sense, she had already attained the level of peace and awareness that we seek to find.

green wave