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"Dawn Princess"
Hamilton, Brisbane
16 April 2009

Dot Maxi Taxi

Many times when taking Dot on adventures after she had been in the house for an extended period, there was a joy that came across her face that was unmistakeable. She would smile for ages while driving along .. She was unable to walk more than a short distance so it was easier to take her in her wheelchair in Maxi Taxis. The service by these taxi drivers is incredible and makes it possible for those with disabilities to get out and about.

Dot Portside Wharf Brisbane River Dawn Princess

I stood behind Dot when taking this shot and saw it through her eyes. She hadn't been able to speak for a couple of years, was unable to ask for anything for herself and therefore was reliant on other people to make the most of her life. How often do we take an older person to see the large ships on the Brisbane River .. they are there frequently ..

Dot Portside Wharf Dawn Princess Hamilton

Although Dot was a "water" person and loved being on the water, she had only been on small crafts never a passenger ship. Having lived in the outback for the first 30 years of her life, she certainly wouldn't have seen a sight like this in the middle of the town !

Dot Dawn Princess Portside Wharf Hamilton Dot Dawn Princess Portside Wharf Hamilton

Not only was there the size of the ship to see but the activity onboard as well. There are also many nationalities who disembark at the Wharf to browse the shops and it is interesting to hear the accents from all around the world. Dot never failed to connect with children wherever she went and seeing them always lit up her face. She radiated such a gentleness, many were drawn to her to talk.

After seeing the Dawn Princess, we looked through all the shops at the Portside Wharf .. the beauty of the flowers in the florist, the hustle and bustle in the cafes, watched the endless parade of taxis, even the newsagent .. so many colours, patterns, bright cards, ornaments .. it's all a sensory experience.

As it was a hot day, bought Dot the most flavoursome icecream. Not only was she in the wheelchair but she also needed to be fed. Whereas an ordinary person would eat an icecream quickly, Dot always took a LONG time to get through any food. In a way, that was a gift .. the gift of time and awareness .. it would bring you into the moment and because you were there longer, you would notice so much more. In the newsagent saw a simple gift wrap topping .. one of those laser silver bows with many pieces to it .. bought it because put at the end of her bed at home meant that when the sun shone in it, it would cast rainbow colours around the room as well as the colours changing all the time on the silver paper. Cost $4 .. value .. limitless.

Dot modern sculpture Portside Hamilton

These sculptures are the "surprise elements" that you see when you just go on an outing. The intent was to see a passenger liner in dock at Portside Wharf .. but along the way, surprising things like this are a bonus. She would never see this type of installation structure in the backyard being at home !

Dot modern sculpture Portside Hamilton Brisbane

By going to see a ship, she sees something incredible like this ..

Ships dock at Portside Wharf regularly.
There are also many shops, cafes, movie theatres, restaurants and all are beside the Brisbane River.