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Dot ~ 75 yo ~ wheelchair ~ unable to speak or do anything for herself since a brain tumour

8 February 2008

Dot Monorail Seaworld
Dot on the monrail around Seaworld

Polar Bear Seaworld waving
Hard to believe that in the hot weather of Australia, one can see a Polar Bear ..

Polar Bear Seaworld

Sea Lion Seaworld Dolphin Seaworld
Sealion show which canvassed their skills into a dramatic story ......dolphin having photo taken with tourist

Dot Shark Aquarium Seaworld
Dot at the Aquarium .. sharks, stingrays & fish .. Dot was always a keen fisherwoman.
These are the ones "that got away".

Shark Seaworld Stingray Seaworld
Shark and Stingray

Dot Seaworld Ship
Dot, marked by the star in the photo, waiting to see dolphins.
Replica ship in background.

Dot castle SeaworldDot Sesame Village
Dot in the archway of a castle and at the entrance to Sesame Street Beach

Seaworld Kids play areaPools Seaworld
Childrens play area on left .. and on right pools for swimming. View from the monorail.

Seaworld Roller Coaster Seaworld dolphin lake
Rollercoasters and the lakes for the dolphins.

Boat canal Gold Coast Seaworld Seaworld helicopter Gold Coast
Showing the canal between Seaworld and the Gold Coast ... Helicopter flights also available from Seaworld.