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Wynnum, Brisbane
31 May 2008

Savoyards Dot Sound of Music pianist Savoyards Dot Sound of Music cast photos Wynnum

Live shows have a vibrancy and energy not felt when being in a theatre watching a movie. For that reason took Dot to a number of live shows.

Dot, like everyone else, saw the movie "Sound Of Music" when it was released so when Savoyards were doing the musical at Wynnum, took the opportunity to take her for a night out.

There was a lovely lady playing the piano in the foyer before the show with all the favourite songs creating the expectation for the show:

* Sound of Music - Climb Every Mountain
* Sound of Music - Do Re Mi
* Sound of Music - Edelweiss
* Sound of Music - I Have Confidence
* Sound of Music - The Lonely Goatherd
* Sound of Music - Maria
* Sound of Music - My Favourite Things
* Sound of Music - Sixteen Going on Seventeen
* Sound of Music - So Long, Farewell
* Sound of Music - Something Good

Dot used to play the piano so having her be able to sit next to the pianist recreated that feeling she would have known in the past as well as interacting more personally.

It was a great touch to have the nuns of the cast dressed in habit selling programmes and mingling in the crowd before the
show. Was a memorable sight!

When everyone was seated, the theatre was in darkness and a large group of nuns came from the back of the audience in the dark singing their chants - the same as in the movie - but in the darkness, the audience could really focus on the beauty of those melodies - it was simply beautiful.

Dot watched the show entranced and no doubt somewhere in her mind, the seven children on stage may have looked familiar to her - after all, she had seven herself. Thanks to all the cast for the enormous dedication and passion. Performers never see the lives that their work touches.

Savoyards Dot Sound of Music cast photos