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May 2009

Terowie_South_australia_Dot_park_train_model Terowie South Australia Corner Store Post Office Ghost Town Dot
Terowie is a very small town 200 kilometres north of Adelaide. It is an historic town whose history is connected to the rail network in South Australia and one of the parks in the town has a reminder of that connection with a model train .. similar ones are in nearby Peterborough.

Dot spent all her youth in little towns and staying in Terowie was a chance to experience that olde world feeling, the quietness, no traffic, no traffic lights and people with time to talk. It is a total contrast from being in the hectic pace of the city.

The corner store / post office in Terowie (above right) showcases the community's joint effort in painting the Lanchoo Tea mural
on the side of the shop.

The streets of Terowie are quiet, many of the businesses have closed down
, and that is it's charm. It allows the vistor to feel what life was like in a bygone era.

Terowie South Australia Artist Ken Pickard Dot

Dot happened to meet the resident local artist in Terowie, Ken Pickard. His artwork focuses on old buildings. There is no shortage of inspiration in the surrounding areas.

Terowie Ghost Town Main Street Dot Terowie South Australia ghost town main street Shops

Dot enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the historic town. There is plenty of time to just amble down the streets and study the buildings and interiors.

Terowie Bed Breakfast Old Hospital Dot Terowie South Australia Bed Breakfast interior Ghost Town Dot

Dot enjoyed the character of the Bed and Breakfast in Terowie. The building used to be the old hospital. Dot experienced country hospitality with the owners who ensured there was a lovely breakfast to start the day. Walking out the front door, it is an uncluttered view of the surroundings. There is a great feeling of peace.

Terowie South Australia Dot black sheep laughing

Driving around Terowie, there were many things to grab your attention. One yard had a couple of sheep .. and one of those sheep was a black one. Dot looked at it and started laughing. It may have stirred a memory of the time one Christmas when she was given a black sheep as a present because at the time she had her 5 acre farm. There had been many hilarious moments trying to move it to the farm.

Terowie South Australia park figures Terowie South Australia stone ruins Dot
There are a couple of areas with installation art .. Dot was intensely studying these figures in one of those parks.
The photo above right is one of the stone building ruins in the surrounding area. Each building has so much history and is testament to so many people's lives.

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