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rainbow button Harley Motorbike Rides
- "Freedom Wheels" -

With Bill from Ettamoogah Pub April 2008
With Phil from Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, Nov 2008

Dot Bill Freedom Wheels Harley Leathers Ettamoogah Pub
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Harley Davidson Motorbike Dot Freedom Wheels Ettamoogah Pub

Departure and drop off point - Ettamogah Pub
Has a fun set of shops adjoining and a Fairground behind

Harley Davidson Dot brain tumour Freedom Wheels Harley Davidson Freedom Wheels Dot brain tumour Sunshine

rainbow button Sometimes words are inadequate.
These experiences with Bill (left) and Phil (right) were off the scale
in terms of adventure, fun, feeling alive, having the wind in your face and nature right next to you
.. not to mention the fun of donning the leather gear and helmet and being on a Harley.

Oftentimes when people have an illness and they have no stimulation,
life tends to become boring. The senses dull.
Taking off on a Harley is guaranteed to bring all senses to life instantly.
It is uplifting and at the same time relaxing .. if you had any problems before stepping onto the bike,
the uniqueness of the ride makes you forget about everything else
and be totally "present" and "in the moment".

Dot had a smile ear to ear during the ride.
Driving through the bush and up mountains was seen from a whole new perspective.

Dot was 75 at this time, frail and unable to speak.
One of the magic moments that just happen was when a fellow offered to help us cross the road at Eumundi.
When we got to the other side, I then asked if he could put her on the back of the Harley!
His jaw dropped but he certainly grinned and his friends walking up to meet him were thrilled to see Dot "having a go"
.. just another few people who were inspired by her.

There is the public perception of bikies and then there are bikies whose nature is absolutely memorable.
Bill and Phil are two such incredible people. Their gentleness and compassion towards Dot was beautiful.
They also were deeply touched because she reminded them of their own mothers.
It is a universal feeling whether you're a bikie or a politician.

Bill is a chaplain at the Woodford Prison.

To this day, a year or so later, it is still a touching memory.
If you're lucky enough to ride with them, you will have more than a Harley ride - you'll have a valuable life-lesson ride.

Dot Bill Harley Davidson Freedom Wheels

Freedom Wheels Bill Dot Harley Davidson Motorbike Ettamogah Pub