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The small acts we carry out in life are like throwing pebbles ..
we never know whom the ripples will touch or how far or long they may go,
so make every pebble we toss meaningful and good!

In simply giving Dot quality of life, she was the recipient of many kindnesses and helped by so many people.
In giving, we receive .. not only was her life enhanced greatly but she also inspired all those she met.

~ Random acts of kindness ~

Expo 20 yr anniversary Dot 2008 kindness

# Making the effort to go to the 20th Brisbane anniversary celebrations of Expo 88 at Southbank.
At the last moment, decided to take Dot in the wheelchair on the train - seemed an odd
decision at the time, given that going by car would have been easier.

When it came time to leave, left at a random time, declined the offer of a lift home in a car with
friends, had another man out with his family help push the wheelchair. Caught a random train
at a random time, sat in a random carriage, in a random seat. While getting settled arranging
my bags, looked up to see Dot smiling broadly at a young (perhaps) African man. He was
smiling so broadly back at her, his smile almost lit up the carriage. They continued to smile so
genuinely at each other for ages that it was uplifting to see.

Some time after I needed to move seats to allow a lady with a pram in. The young man and
Dot continued to smile so broadly at each other. After a few stations and before he was due to
get to his station, the young man made his way through the people standing in the aisle to come
up to our seat. That alone was a surprise.

However, he reached into his bag and said he had something he wanted Dot to have simply
because of the way she had made him feel. It was a brand new DVD, still in the bag from the
store he had purchased it that day. It was all gospel, uplifting music. He was a stranger. She had
no speech. I had tears welling up and I was left speechless other than to say "Thank you".
It is a moment I will never forget and when we watch the DVD, the memory is priceless.

4WD Morilana Scenic Flinders Ranges Dot kindness

# Friends who were involved in hard physical bush care work, who on their day off - instead of
having it to themselves, offer to take Dot and I driving for the day through scenic mountains.

Dot Tangalooma 4WD shade

# Sitting in the shade of a 4WD truck on Tangalooma Island with Dot.
The owner of the truck, a young fellow out fishing and 4WD with his mates for the day,
comes back to his vehicle and rather than just drive his car off and leave us in the sun,
goes through his car until he finds a hat to leave for Mum to use for her hands or legs.

# Because of Dot's frailty walking knew that crossing dry sand back to the boat would
be challenging, but not impossible. Having a young man, out with his own mother and
family, go to extraordinary lengths to not only help her across the dry sand but up a steep
vertical ladder to get her back on the boat. His own mother must have been very proud of
his kindness.

# When out with Dot, simply buying a smoothie in a busy shopping mall, have a total stranger
make her way up to Dot, with the opening sentence: "Could you tell your mother that she is

Dot Whale Festival Bundaberg

# At a small country sideshow, seeing a small craft item that I would have wanted to buy but
the stall owner didn't have EFTPOS. Within a short space of time, she insisted that I take the
item for no cost and post the money to her. It was a beautiful gesture and that alone was
enough. I was able to rummage through my purse and come up with close to the amount in
small change. She was a total stranger and I was only visiting the town. Her trust & kindness
will never be forgotten.

# Being at a hospital with Dot and having a man wink at her when she looked at him.
He was a total stranger and yet it was the recognition by him of her innate spirit.
It's not often a 76 year old lady is winked at .. but when it happens it's magic.

Dot Wishart Jewellers Glenelg

# In taking Dot to a Ball, had looked everywhere for jewellery to match her new Ball outfit to
no avail. Before leaving her house, at the very last second came across a set that she would
have worn to Balls in her youth. The colours matched perfectly but it was all encrusted with
green and pieces were missing. Heavens knows what I was thinking to decide to take it with
me to another city for the Ball in two days time.

The day of the Ball, had the thought to take Dot to a beachside suburb a reasonable distance
away just to be near the beach. Perhaps over-optimistically, took the green encrusted &
because they can clean glasses, they may have been able to do the same for jewellery .. if they
could, I would just bluff my way through her wearing it with the missing stones as it matched
so well. Although he did get it a little cleaner, wasn't clean enough.

Went on to the beachside suburb .. a busy Saturday morning .. the street chock full of people
and traffic. Saw a random jeweler and decided, again over-optimistically, to ask whether he
could help. He came to the counter, looked at the items .. said it was his busiest Saturday and
that he had several staff off sick .. but after hearing the story, said "yes, he'd help". I was
speechless yet again. Dot was able to sit at the beach while we waited and when we picked
up the jewellery, it was "as new" .. perfectly clean AND stones replaced. The kindness was
extraordinary. She looked beautiful wearing the jewellery
that night .. and it was the same as she would have worn it as a young woman.

Dot Trace Canini St Johns Ball Adelaide

# At the Ball, having the headline singer dedicate a song to her from the stage in front of an
audience of 300.

Dot St Johns Ball Adelaide

# Not only did she look beautiful in the jewellery but another total stranger came up to her at
the end of the Ball came up to personally compliment her on how beautiful it was. The young
girl had been on stage doing demonstration dancing and seen it from there. The genuineness
of the compliment was heartwarming.

Dot St Johns Ball Adelaide dancing

# Even though Dot was in a wheelchair at the Ball , having people get her up on the dance floor to
sway with her so that she could experience the magic of not only being at the Ball but
perhaps remember times she had danced herself in her youth. I also had one "dance"
with her .. and those moments are ones that go straight to your heart. It is not in the giving
of the act that we are rewarded but in what we feel inside for having done it.

# In a moment of feeling sad, have a friend put on a CD without comment, which they know will
be uplifting for you.

# When most needed, have a friend bring you tea and cake and an ear to listen.

# Having a Harley riding bikie kiss Dot's cheek because of the effect of her on him and then have
him rest his hand on her head and pray for her.

# Having a lady in her 80's who soon after having had her son pass away suddenly, takes the time
to crochet a blanket and buy a DVD of uplifting music.

Dot Mt Cotton Old Time Dance swaying to music

# Being at an old time dance and having a total stranger serenade Dot and move her hands in time
with the music while she is sitting down.

# Having a young boy of primary school age sing a song for her .. just in his kitchen ..
no-one watching and for no other benefit than to do something nice for Dot

# Being able to get the wheelchair down a slope so that Dot could sit and watch the
water over the rocks and have primary school age boys offer to help to push her
back up the slope.

Dot Hawker Cafe South Australia

# Stopping in a small town in South Australia and in the café not seeing anything that
was suitable for Dot .. as she needed soft food. The café owner had already been
through a similar situation with his own mother and cooked up some soft scrambled
eggs and when it came time to pay, said it was on the house. Inspiring to hear his
own story with the hardships and to also be inspired by his kindness and understanding.

# Having a taxi driver come to her funeral when he had only met her one time driving her as a passenger
and that was months previous. She was a truly blessed lady.

# Always having had pets which are unconditional love.
Blue - Cattle Dog for more than a decade; Aussie - King Charles Cavalier

# Having a care hire owner, dental technician, aromatherapist, beauticians, neighbour, friends,
relations who go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that Dot can be all that she can be.